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Customer's Product Showcase

Colored prosthetic sleeving courtesy of:

Jim Skardoutos C/Fab

 click here to see colored hybrid sleeving




                          Courtesy of Jon Tomassi                                                                                 Courtesy of




..."the entire 2009 World Championship Relay Team (Jordan Malone (zylon), Apolo Anton Ohno (zylon), JR Celski and Ryan Bedford) was wearing your carbon on their finger tips. Also Jeff Simon (carbon helmet), Travis Jayner, Kimberly Derrick (zylon), Katherine Reutter, Alyson Dudek, Jessica Smith, and Lana Ghering are also wearing the tips. That's almost all of the National team plus most of the other development teams here as well."
Courtesy of:
Jordan Malone
2009 World Champion

Custom Shift Boot Courtesy of Soller Composites

....................................................................... Trekking Pole Courtesy of

Colored Carbon/Pink Fiberglass Car Interior by

By Sean Porter

Courtesy of Kevin Lord

Courtesy Of
Chava Balas

Courtesy Of:

Brian Carbon

SpectraBag Custom Colored Spectra Bag Courtesy Of: Jon Soller in conjunction with Cyos Sports

"Sealed fibers" Carbon fiber Boot Shift

Courtesy Of: Robert Ehrmann, Aerospace Engineering
Human Powered Vehicle Club, President 2008-2009
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


Courtesy Of: Mike Ahern

donmarsh pinkshoe Shoe Courtesy of Soller Composites, LLC
Bow Courtesy Of: Don Marsh
Carbon Fiber hunting bow, A&H Archery,

Courtesy Of: Andy McCoy


Courtesy Of: Allen Fillery


Courtesy Of:Steve Reid-Owner 311 Skateboards


Courtesy Of:Steve Reid-Owner 311 Skateboards



Courtesy Of: Joel Ingram



Our Colored Fiberglass Fabric made into a flag.
"donated as a fund raiser for the military"
Dave Sligar
Davis Applied Technology College


Courtesy Of: AG Racing Pty Ltd
Driver is Matt Brown


St Monica Rocketry Club
(a high school/middle school NASA student launch team)
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