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  Sample fabrics below are small pieces (typically no larger than) 2"X4".  

We receive a great number of requests for samples of our products.

We are more than happy to provide samples of our custom made and unique composite products. 

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, below you will see we request that you please contribute a few dollars to pay for some of the material cost and shipping. 

We respectfully request you please keep the number of samples being ordered to a limit of 6 (line) items. Thank you!


Choose a fabric:  

Any One Sample (you choose)      $1.49

Carbon/Colored Fiberglass sleeve sample (colors typicaly included are: Black & Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, & Green) $3.99  

Other, enter manually:

Other Sample Choice, enter manually $1.49
Soller Composites, LLC assumes no responsibility for the use, misuse, and/or results of either, as related to any materials, product(s), information, and/or suggestions. Customers are strongly encouraged to, and should/must, research the proper safe use of such products and determine the suitability of each product for his or her individual application(s). Purchase of products from Soller Composites, LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms and any and all liability. Soller Composite, LLC's sole responsibility and/or liability are limited to the replacement of product or refund of purchase price. Please contact us if you have any questions.