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Why buy from Soller Composites?
1) We are a Weaver, Distributor and Retailer. This allows us to offer just woven, brand new 1st quality material at a lower price than anyone else world-wide.
2) If you find a lower priced item anywhere, we will beat that price and give you free shipping
3) We are 100% employee owned, so all profits are shared by our staff. Our staff therefore has a huge incentive to provide you the best packing and service.
4) All of our boxes are 2X the industry standard and our packing is the best in the industry.
5) Have technical questions? We have engineers on staff and ready to help you.


We can Prepreg any fabric (min order of 50 yards). Contact us for more info.

Professional Epoxy
Now in pint & 4oz kits!

Click here for 375F Epoxy!!

Epoxy Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Epoxy
The next generation of epoxy resins

World's Strongest Epoxy Resin
Amazing! Increase your part's stiffness by over 25% with this resin!

Shown in Composite World Magazine's "Future Products" exhibit at IBEX conference 2015

1K, 3K, 6K, 12K
Carbon & Kevlar Tapes

****HUGE SALE on Narrow Fabrics****

Carbon Innegra
Aluminum Coated Fiberglass (aka Silver Carbon Fiber)

Shrink tubing for composite shafts now available in diameters up to 10.1"!!!!!

Soller Composites Announcements (Watch Below for Amazing Deals):

5/2016 6" carbon tape now available, see: http://www.sollercomposites.com/composites/carbon%20fiber%20uni-fabric.html#CarbonTape
4/2016 We now sell both 1K & 1.5K carbon fabric
1/2016 Aluminum Coated Fiberglass now available Click Here
12/2015 Soft wearable real carbon fiber is finsally available. Perfect for clothing, car/boat/plane interiors, belts, bags, purses, patches, skirts. . Click here for more info
11/2015 Adtech now available in 4oz kits for small repairs! Click Here
11/2015 gift certfiicates are avilable, hold them for 30 days and get free shipping (continental USA only, but shipping discounts for all other customers, excludes hazardous shipping fees for 5gal+ epoxy kits).
11/7/2015 Silver Carbon fiber (aluminized twill Fiberglass is coming back)! Available mid to late December. Pre orders are now being taken.
11/2015 Just $2.00 FedEx Ground Shipping on USA Northeast web based orders over $250.00 (NH, ME, MA, RI, CT, NY, PA, NJ). Just Enter $0.00 in web cart. (***Limited Time Sale!!!***)
11/2015 Just $15.00 FedEx Ground Shipping on USA web based orders over $250.00 East of the Mississippi River (Continental USA only). Just Enter $13.00 in web cart. (***Limited Time Sale!!!***)
11/2015 Just $25.00 FedEx Ground Shipping on USA web based orders over $250.00 West of the Mississippi River (Continental USA only). Just Enter $23.00 in web cart. (***Limited Time Sale!!!***)
11/2015 Massive 3K PW & TW 200GSM (5.9oz) Limited Time Overstock Sale: $1649 for 100 yardsX50" wide while we are overstocked. Brand New, 1st Quality
9/22/2015 1.5K fabric now available and at the same weight as traditional 1K, but at a lower cost. Click here for more info (1st quality as awlays).
9/3/2015 We weave custom narrow fabrics and UNI fabric. Contact us for more details.
9/2015 Our nano based resin was featured in Composite World’s Future Innovations booth at IBEX Conference
9/2015 Soller Composites was selected to be on JEC Group’s Simulation Composite Group Circle. 






Clear Shrink-tubing Tutorial

strength chart

Click here for our composite strength chart!

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Rodmaker Featured
Our Carbon/Colored Fiberglass Sleeving as Featured in Rodmaker Magazine

Soller Composites Intro Movie



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